Scam Review – Drip Network

On its website, Drip Network gives no verifiable information on the ownership or management of the business. On March 22, 2021, a private registration for the “drip. community” internet domain was made. The registration was most recently updated on December 28, which is consistent with a rise in Drip Network website traffic in December 2021. […]

Scam Review Part 2 – Nugen

With many publicized upgrades to its Nugen Coin platform, Free Mart is stepping up its efforts to commit cryptocurrency fraud. Recently, a reader asked if I had seen the whitepaper for Nugen Coin. I found it odd that I’d overlooked it during my investigation. But when I looked at its file attributes, I discovered that […]

Scam Review – BNBStaker

On its website, BNBStaker makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives. On March 10, 2022, a Russian registrar privately registered the domain name “stakebnb. fun” for the BNBStaker website. The company’s official Twitter feed is crammed with Chinese Fiverr-style promotional films in addition to BNBStaker’s apparent connections to Russia: BNBStaker occasionally tweets in […]

Scam Review – Tradeknology

Tradeknology is a trading MLM company. The business debuted in 2020. Texas is the home state of Tradeknology. Co-founders Manoah McClendon, Jorge Raziel, and Domingo Silvas are in charge of the business. In 2020, McClendon would have “been a successful trader for the previous 11 years,” according to his Tradeknology business bio. I couldn’t confirm […]

Scam Review – OmegaPro & OMP

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia has issued a warning on securities fraud to OmegaPro and OMP Money. based on the SFC’s warning from December 16; This supervisory body’s approval is required before any company or platform that is hosted overseas offers goods and services to citizens of the nation that are typical of the stock […]

Scam Review – Meta Bounty Hunters

The recently discovered Meta Bounty Hunters NFT Ponzi may be an offshoot of iBuumerang. Here is what I’ve discovered after receiving tips from readers over the past week. Several iBuumerang affiliates are promoting the impending launch if you search for Meta Bounty Hunters and iBuumerang. Avinash Nagamah and David J. Hunt, both citizens of the […]

Scam Review – Introax

The Russian authorities have issued a securities fraud notice to Introax. Introax has “marks of a financial pyramid (scheme),” the Bank of Russia said on February 2. Investments are sought after by Introax with the assurance of daily returns of up to 5%. On January 25, BehindMLM wrote a review of Introax. Introax was a […]

Scam Review – Zeek Rewards

 BehindMLM began getting complaints of fresh cheques being mailed to Zeek Rewards victims around a week ago. These payments represent the final distribution, the Receiver announced today. The Receiver stated in a press release dated February 2nd; I am happy to announce that the final allocation of the Receivership is well in progress. We distributed […]

Scam Review – Family First Life

The FTC has sent notifications of COVID-19 stop and desists demands to Family First Life, Enagic, and Amplifier. The warnings concern false marketing representations made in connection with COVID-19. Family First Life is an MLM firm that sells insurance, as examined here on BehindMLM. The stop and desist letter from Family First Life was delivered […]

Scam Review Part 2 – Hyperverse

The HyperFund securities fraud alert for New Zealand now mentions Hyperverse. On September 30, 2021, the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand issued its initial HyperFund fraud alert. Early in December, HyperFund failed and was relaunched as Hyperverse. The FMA updated their warning on December 20th or around that day to include Hyperverse and the […]